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New “Inspired by” videos

Allan Lahosky

I’m often asked where I get my cufflink design inspiration from. So to kick off the new year (decade even!), I’m posting a series of “Inspired by” videos on Instagram and Facebook depicting where I get my ideas.

Nature, mathematics, engineering and architecture are huge influences in my work, and you’ll see them transform into beautiful cufflink designs in these 15-second videos. 

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Here’s the first four videos in the series. Check out our socials above for more!


'Honeycomb' 18k gold-plated cufflink 'Ripple' antique silver cufflink
‘Honeycomb’ - nature ‘Ripple’ - nature
'Turbine' silver cufflink 'Vortex' silver cufflink
‘Turbine’ - engineering ‘Vortex’ - architecture

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