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I hate photos of me!

“I noticed your cufflinks.”

If you wear interesting cufflinks you’ve probably received this compliment. In the office, on a plane, at the bar...

I love beautiful, unique jewellery. Since moving to London almost 15 years ago, I’ve also fallen in love with cufflinks - one of the few bits of sparkle men are afforded. I have well over 100 pairs from other designers in my wardrobe!

My “engineering mind” has wanted to apply itself to jewellery design for a long time. I hope now’s my chance to leave the corporate life and start crafting beautifully architected art you can wear.

I’ve taught myself 3D design using CAD engineering software, and the evolving world of 3D printing. I’ve also had to learn a lot about old-style goldsmithing, because working in precious metals limits how far we can go with 3D today. I relish the engineering challenge of designing unique pieces that push the boundaries of what’s possible with molten metal and centuries-old jewellery techniques. I make my goldsmith partners curse a lot, but we create beautiful pieces together.


What makes a Lahosky cufflink special

  • Unique designs rooted in mathematics, architecture and engineering geometry
  • Elegant simplicity that compliments your refined look (and a nice watch if you have one)
  • Detail that continues to the underside ... an interesting secret you can share, or keep to yourself :)
  • Muscular construction and weight
  • Forms designed to add a tasteful bit of eye-catching sparkle

Please have a look at my designs here, I hope you enjoy them!

- cheers, Allan Lahosky