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Bars (black gloss)

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Bars (black gloss)
Bars (black gloss)
Bars (black gloss)
Bars (black gloss)
Bars (black gloss)
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⭐ New for 2020 ⭐

Inspired by bars of gold, this is another open design that allows the cuff fabric to peek through and convey the shirt colour. The pattern is engineered to keep the post largely out of sight through its gaps. A bit wider than our usual 18-20mm to give the intricate design room to stand out.
Black rhodium is an interesting change from the usual silver and gold, offering a smoky “man of mystery” look that looks great on a white shirt (see photos). 

Dimensions: 22.3 x 18 mm (0.88 x 0.71 in)

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1018c105AgbRh 1

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