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Voronoi (black gloss)

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Voronoi (black gloss)
Voronoi (black gloss)
Voronoi (black gloss)
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Named after 19th century Russian mathematician Georgy Voronoy, a Voronoi (with an “i”) diagram plots cells whose outlines are closer to their central point than any other point.
This adaptation stylises the beauty of that math in an airy design that allows the cuff fabric to peek through and convey the shirt colour. The post’s unique V-shape keeps it out of sight through the cell holes, which are left unpolished inside to contrast the finished face.
Black rhodium is an interesting change from the usual silver and gold, offering a smoky “man of mystery” look that looks great on a white shirt (see photos).

Dimensions: 17 x 17 mm (0.67 x 0.67 in)

Comes in handsome black polished wood cufflink case (included in price).

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